BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz Offer Discounts Of Rs 10 Lakh On Some Models

BMW Audi Mercedes-Benz

BMW Audi Mercedes-Benz

World’s 3 most popular car maker BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz has announced huge discounts on Indian luxury car to gear up in there sales. These 3-car makers and their dealers are together offering discount of up to 15 per cent, or Rs. 10 lakh on some models.

Experts say with dealers looking to dispose of the 2012 models by the end of the year, the discounts may rise further.

Luxury car dealers handsomely able to the discounts and enjoying healthier margin of 8-9% in small cars. And they are offering 10% discount on outgoing models such as BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz’s Petrol cars.

“We are offering discounts of 3-5 per cent, or Rs 1-2.5 lakh, plus benefits of extended warranty, free insurance, etc, for our brand, but it is much higher for the other two brands, which are under tremendous volume pressure to attain targets,” said Audi India head Michael Perschke.

Few Audi dealers might be offering huge discount on some models. Perschke said, “There is demand for our products and the luxury car market has grown this year due to over 30-40 per cent growth posted by Audi.”

“The company is offering sales support on some of the outgoing models, but we are not offering discounts. Dealers on their part may be offering discounts based on their stock situation,” BMW Group India President Philipp von Sahr said.

“The current level of discounting seen in the market is detrimental to the luxury car market,” Sahr added.

“On the contrary, we are increasing prices up to 10 per cent from January 1,” Sahr said on Saturday.