Launch Of Honda Amaze Preponed To 11 April 2013

Honda is a much known name in the automobile industry and it has delivered some excellent cars in India and has a lot of takers in the country.


Honda has decided to launch its new car in the market and the launch date has been shifted to April 11, 2013. The previous set date was April 16 and the car manufacturer has huge hopes from this new car. The one unique thing about Honda Amaze is that it is the first diesel car by Honda. There will be petrol models also available and the price of the car will vary from 5 lakh to 7.5 lakh as per the model.


Features of Honda Amaze
If you look at the trend of cars in India then you will clearly notice that they have evolved with time. Honda is all set to flood the automobile market with the new Amaze as it has already manufactured around ten thousand units of the car. This car has many same features as that of Honda Brio including the engine of the car. The length is increased so that the people sitting at back can also enjoy comfort.