Reva E20 and Mahindra Verito CS Launch by April 2013

reva nxrMr Pravin Shah, chief executive of automotive division, Mahindra and Mahindra has confirmed the expected launch date of both Mahindra Verito CS and the Reva NXR E20. He announced that both these car will launch by April 2013.
mahindra verito cs

Mahindra Verito CS

Mahindra Verito CS is a small version of Mahindra Verito sedan. It’s design is similar to the facelift Verito However rear part have some alteration relation to design. Price of Mahindra Verito CS will around Rs. 6- 8 lakhs. After launch Verito CS will mainly compete with Indigo CS.

Technical Specification of Mahindra Verito CS include:

  • 1.5-litre K9K Diesel Engine
  • Power of 65bhp and 160Nm

Reva NXR E20

Reva NXR E20

In electric car variant, Reva NXR E20 (E-two-oh) is the new bigger electric car version from Mahindra Reva. Price of Reva NXR E20 is around RS. 5 Lakh. Some of the main Fetures of Reva NXR E20 include:

  • DC Designs
  • More space, Longer Range and better speed as compare to previous Reva variant.
  • Less running cost.
  • Recharge Quickly