Volkswagen Unveils Taigun Small CUV

Volkswagen Taigun Concept

Volkswagen Taigun CUV

Volkswagen has unveiled Taigun Small CUV concept car. This Taigun Small CUV is based on the same platform as sub-compact Volkswagen Polo.

The Taigun is one of two new CUVs Volkswagen is reportedly working on. Volkswagen Taigun is slightly larger than Nissan Extrem but not much bigger. Its wheelbase is 97.2 inch.

Volkswagen has claimed that Volkswagen Taigun is surprisingly roomy 280-liters or 34.8 cubic feet climbing to 987 liter with rear seats folded down.

The show car is powered by a turbocharged and direct-injected 1.0-liter inline-3 cylinder which generate 110 HP. Its speed 0-100 KM in just 9.2 seconds and company claimed its top speed of 115 Mph.

According to a Volkswagen press release, “The prospects for the Taigun being seen at Volkswagen dealers someday are quite high — what is crucial here is the overall response of the public to this concept.”

Its 7-seater capability make it larger. The production version of the VW Taigun would fit well into Brazil.