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Review on Maruti Zen Classic

NAME : Rahul.G.S <> Pathanamthitta, Kerala (India)
POSTED ON : Saturday, October 09, 2010 at 06:15:56
REVIEW : I do own a Zen classic 1999, done 72000 kms with no big mechanical problems. But the main problem to me is getting the cosmetic cromium parts like the head,tail,indicator light rings and shells and the bumper both frond and back cromium grills etc........if any body can help, please do email me.

NAME : manoj kumar jha <> bokaro, jharkhand (india)
POSTED ON : Saturday, August 08, 2009 at 03:25:17
REVIEW : I went to purchase new zen classic but it came in my knowledg that maruti stoped to make new zen classic, i couldnot understand why? but i liked that car so much because of its features so i purchased second hand zen classic in Rs 110000. it has already run 52000 km and now it's milage is 13 km/liter with AC. It looks nice. I am happy with my car. can i purcase new zen classic? will maruti make a new zen classic for me? i think it was a good model of maruti cars.

NAME : Sunil <> Kathmanu, (Nepal)
POSTED ON : Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 04:03:50
REVIEW : I purchased Maruti Zen classic in Year 2000. As of now there is no problem with the car. I do not know why Maurti stopped manufacturing this car. Even after 85000 km Run, There is zero problem. I changed Shock up and tyre only. But the main problem with the car is you can not get outer accessories like Front grill/ Side bumper and side light etc. If any one can inform about the availability

POSTED ON : JUNE 16 , 2006
REVIEW : Maruti Zen Classic is probably the car many of us have had our first drives and is probably regarded as one of the greatest cars in the Indian Automobile Revolution. This car cheap to buy, cheap to run, reliable and easy driving city car, but it is too old and outdated to be considered as a new car.
The 800 is cramped by modern standards. The seats are reasonably low seats, but 2-6 footers cant sit on behind the other. Interior plastics are probably appalling at this day and age, but then the price of the car is low. Boot space is ok for a shopping trip, but a bit problem is in case of long journeys. Noise levels in 800 are higher s in the 800 than the alto though it is still quite bearable.
Ride is bit bouncy and could definitely be better tuned. The suspension is build tough and can withstand most punishments from our roads with ease. Handling is quite good for a city car, with a small turning circle radius and small dimension, the 800 is probably the best city car drive around. The steering is also light and smooth in spite of not being power assisted.
E 800 is extremely frugal, and even with the ac on one can get 12-14 km pl in the city. It is a cheaper car to run and in this day of high fuel prices, it makes a lot of sense. The Maruti Zen Classic is probably the one car that can be taken anywhere without problems. The body may start rattling down after 15000 kms but it will almost never let you down. It can run long and Maruti's service stations are almost everywhere. My experience with Maruti's service stations is fine. Also the cost of spares is low so this is a cheaper car to run and maintain.

POSTED ON : MAY 30, 2006
REVIEW : I got my Maruti Zen Classic in 2003. I settled for Maruti Zen Classic because of its acceptability in the market and there is no other service network as good as that of Maruti. It is a very city friendly, pocket friendly 4 wheeler and you can almost manage within your small monthly petrol budget. No car major in the industry can come near its pricing and the service network for some more time. This is the best entry level car to start your motoring life.

POSTED ON : 12 MAY,2006
REVIEW : i am lucky to own Maruti Zen Classic DX with 5 speed gear which was discontinued by Maruti later. I still don't know why Maruti discontinued the 5 speed version of Maruti Zen Classic. for the last 4 years i have absolutely no problem with this model. On the city in Trivandrum it consistently gives 20+ mileage and on highway i got 23+. My advice to all is to drive consistently at 60 KMPH on the 5th gear to get the maximum mileage. Do not drive above 80KM as the car gets a bit unstable and wobbly. And more importantly this car does not have the best of the security features and brakes do not work well if you drive at higher speeds.

POSTED ON : 6 MAY , 2006
REVIEW : owner of 800 cc-II, 5 gear, gives excellent mileage( city 20+ kms; highways: 25 kms). Good value for money. Maruti should have continue to manufacture these models. Braking system is bad, due to which it can't go beyond 100 kms/ hrs, applying sudden break is an issue. But overall it is a excellent vehicle for city driving.

POSTED ON : 22 MARCH, 2006
REVIEW : Being the CMD of BHARTI group, I have many cars but this car is the one that is better than my Merc and Audi. In fact, I brought this car from the money collected from errenous billing of Air tel customers. Performance is superb and tyres are awesome, i even changed a tyre while going on a trip. Fuel efficiency is not so good , i always leave the fuel cap open but still the fuel docent spill out, i think BHARTI group should collaborate in automobiles now that i know so much about making such lovely reviews.

POSTED ON : NOV 19, 2005
REVIEW : I purchased my first car, a Maruti Zen Classic DX during 1999 September. Till today it is giving me a wonderful service, mileage and maintenance. I need to go once in 3 years to authorized dealer for service.
When it was new, it used to give 15 KMPL in Chennai city roads with AC on while on long highway drives it was giving 21 KMPL. Now after almost 70000 Km it gives around 12.5 to 13 KMPL with AC in Chennai roads. It was fitted with MRF radial tyres. I replaced the tyres only after running 70000 km. The only problem that one faces is with the leg space. I would recommend the 800 for any one who wants to go for a good car.




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