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Bullet 500 Reviews

Som shekhar das

Kolkata, West bengal (India)
POSTED ON : Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 07:08:10
REVIEW : What is price in kolkata. plz tell me


POSTED ON : Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 17:18:37
REVIEW : I have a bullet 500 std since 2000 when i just passed 10th. My first dream was to ride 500. I am an owner of crane service company. I remember that one time my recovery crane had failed near my city. I just Towed the recovery crane 9.5ton w for 23km to garage with my bike.

When I ride my Bullet 500, everybody sees me. On a traffic signal, everybody stares at my bike. I get an average of 32kmpl on highway.

The only mistake the company has made is that they have stopped manufacturing the bullet 500cc std.

i am very disappointed by company.

S Ramesh

Vasai West(Thane District), Maharashtra (India)
POSTED ON : Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 05:02:31
REVIEW : No other bike made in India has so much impact and grandeur as Machismo 500 LB. I too had faced problems when i had purchased this model with the starter,sprack being replaced. Now this bike is damm good. The company needs to check all parameters before introducing a model into the market.


Ambala, Haryana (India)
POSTED ON : Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 07:22:05
REVIEW : The ride of the royal enfield is compared with the ride of an elephant and everyone own's bullet enjoy it very much, and also it sounds like the roar of the tiger and rules the road

Alexander Pollayil

Los Angeles, California (U S A)
POSTED ON : Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 21:28:19
REVIEW : I lived on Motorcycles and Scooters in India for many years. My Father was a Motor Cycle Mechanic. I started my Career as a Motor Cycle Mechanic 1974 Bombay (Alibhai Premji) Bullet Dealer. Bullet was the only Cool Motor Cycle one can Imagine those days. I have extensively travelled on the Enfield 350. In Bombay there was a Two Cylender 500 CC Royal Enfield, I think it was a 1959 Model. Those Bikes earlier than 1962 models had a heavyer Crank shaft smooth running engine and the meterial Finishing was better too.In late 70s and early 80s we traveled to many South Indian Cities to find older Enfields 250 and 350 CC Bikes, the original Made In England Motorcycle. When I heard a bout the production of the Enfield 500 CC, I was very Happy.But when I saw the Specification on their Factory website I was unhappy. Last year when I was visiting India I visited a dealership and used a bike. It is still all the same. No much Improvement on material or workmanship other than the ignition system and starter. The whole world Improved on Motor Cycle and in everything else. I myself Had a Honda 750 in 1979.

Here in the USA I Had a Kawasaki Concours 1000 CC for many years and Now I have a BMW R 1150 R. I am 53 and had many hundreds of thousands of miles on motorcycle. One of My close friend Imported one Enfield from India to Houston Texas knowing everything and I had to spend some time to adjust the Push rod slack and all that. All those are the same no improvement yet. In 1984 I took a Honda CB 400 N UK model to India. I rode all over south India. South of Bombay to Kanya Kumary. More than 100,000 Kilometers in seven years. I replaced only Engine oil, Oil filter, Tires, Chain, Sprocket wheels, Brake Pads and Shoes. Kawasaki KLR 250 is much usefull than the Bullet to go anywhere. KLR 650 is Excellent. If the 500 CC Enfield is a Diesel one, it will make more sense. At least you save some money on Gasoline, Sorry Petrol. Still either you should be a Enfield Mechanic or You should see a mechanic very frequently such as every 500 miles or so. For the Military, They do not have any choice in India, They will have to Import some good Bikes from Abroad. I heard Chinese are making some Good quality Cheap motor Cycles.

Jim George Mathew

Bangalore, Karnataka (India)
POSTED ON : Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 19:46:11
REVIEW : My bullet 500cc is like a king on the road feel gr8 while driving its just amazing........


Kasaragod, Kerala (India)
POSTED ON : Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 05:34:18
REVIEW : I love to ride royal enfield bulletb 500.


London, London (UK)
POSTED ON : Wednesday, May 07, 2008 at 20:47:05
REVIEW : Hey Findlay, everyone on earth knows what a Royal Enfield feels like. If you cant take good care of the bike then obviously you will have such foolish things to talk about. I am English and own an Enfieldsince 35years now. It is exported from India. We should be glad that the bike didnt die. And as far as insult to a British bike is concerned, I suggest you to take back your foolish comments and save Brotain from being insulted. As I said everyone in the world knows what the oldest existing bike model in world feels like you dumb ****

Sk. Asif Iqbal.

( Kolkata, West Bengal (India)
POSTED ON : Monday, September 17, 2007 at 06:55:52
REVIEW : I am a royal enfield enthusiast.There is no doubt that this is the only real cruiser bike company in India. No other bike can rival this one in terms of power and machismo. But there is a common query of most of us guys who want to buy a bike for the first time and of course want to go for a enfield...... we think if the bike can modify its looks slightly.... like reducing its height a bit... increasing the width of the wheels and incorporate some looks similar to those of harley or other such bikes, it would certainly become more popular with the new generation. We dont want royal enfield to copy other brands or anything as such and neither am i an expert in this field. But now that everyone is exposed to the cruiser bike concept and harleys are being shown in movies and other tv programs every now and then, it doesnt seem to be bad idea at all if royal enfield could incorporate some international looks in the bikes. Youngsters would love it. Sales would surely go up.


POSTED ON : Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 09:57:41


(, Kuwait, Kuwait (Kuwait)
POSTED ON : Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 15:43:49
REVIEW : Excellent


POSTED ON : 12/9/2004
REVIEW : I have a 99 bullet export model, I love this bike, I had a few problems at the beginning, the carb was full of solidifed gas but, once I found that and replaced the jets with proper size for my elevation (15000m) things began to look up. I am 350km from the dealer, so I have been on my own during the run-in period. A few things were disconcerting, gearbox stiff for first 1200km (this may have been aggravated by improper clutch adjustment, a few bolts vibrated loose (this hasn"t happened since I used 'locktite' thread fastener), the front brake was weak until it was bedded-in, wheel weights added to the front wheel eliminated the wheel vibration. All of these problems would have been dealt with by the dealer except that I am 1200km from the nearest dealer so I had to do these adjustments myself. All in all, it has improved my mechanical skills, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how the machine works. Overall, the Bull has less major problems (has never left me stranded) than did my 96 honda 200 which bent a valve while motoring through the outback and left me stranded.

Tom Fitch

POSTED ON : 26/8/2004
REVIEW : After seeing this awesome bike in Mysore I knew I had to have one. People pull up to me at lights, stop and ask me questions then all love the bike and are surprised when I tell them its a 2003 model! Paying $6500USD for an electric start 500 With the Cozy Sidecar and upgraded high volume oil pump was probably the biggest personal expenditure I ever made on something I didn"t need. I know my Indian friends are freaking over that price but thats what it is to get that thing here and back together. I plan on keeping it for Life to say the least. The stares and looks I get driving up and down the Florida beach coast is amazing. Soon I take it to New York. I have not seen even one on the road here yet. I expect some problems but haven"t had any yet and I Know anyone here who works on a Harley would love to work on it for me.


POSTED ON : 14/8/2004
REVIEW : Bike is good in power. But driving whirlwind is not the bullet driving. It is to show to the pulsar riders(180 included) that they are still the kids. Definitely the bike is low on economy. The ashen grey colour is superb. Problems? It is not Bullet when you are driving trouble free. As a rider you need to be financially, physically and mentally strong to maintain it. Good ego booster and when your ego is satisfied you ask for nothing else.


POSTED ON : 6/7/2004
REVIEW : The Indian Enfield, an insult to a good British bike. I have a 1996 Bullet. The paint work is rubbish. It is exceptionally difficult to actually find second gear and sometimes third as there are false neutrals. I am now on my third cylinder head gasket, or at least I would be if the alloy of the head was not so soft that when I torqued it down correctly last time it flowed very slowly into the threads of the cylinder head bolts and now I can"t lift the head to replace the third cylinder head gasket in about 4500km. This is a disaster, and it means that even if i can get the head off to fit a new asket the bloody useless alloy will again flow under torque loading, the torque will come off just enought to let the gasket blow, and the alloy will once again be caught up in the threads of the cylinder head bolts.

Then there is the distributor; the alloy is so bad that one of the threads for the screws holding the points plate on has stripped and NO, I did not overtighten it. The plastic on the seat cover is already worn out and splitting, after 4500km from NEW.

I cannot get enough charge out the alternator to run the bike safely at night and the regulator has just packed it in. I have bought a new regulator, at considerable expense and still can"t use the lights at night.

I have had numerous bikes, all British, but none, not one, has been assembled out of such SHIT material and with such a lousy finish and in such a sloppy manner as my INDIAN Enfield. The bike is 4500km from new and it looks like it is 40 years old.

The least you can do is provide me with a new cylinder head made of decent alloy, free, to replace the one I am quite probably going to damage in trying to get it off.

This is my first 'Royal Enfield' and it is the last. I was looking to use them to set up a classic bike hire/tourism business when I go back to Australia, but no way now.

Ritesh Madhok

POSTED ON : 27/6/2004
REVIEW : Grt Bike to own, Once u ride it u wont ride any other bike. Quality has improved drastically and so has the fit and finish. This bike is meant for the Cruising for days, Grt riding position due to the good seat and handle bar combination. This bike weighs a lot and hence has a real good grip on the roads. One of the safest bikes around. This bike is not meant for mileage, its just for riding pleasure, feel the thump and ride on, but it gives abt 25kmpl-30kmpl in city riding conditions. This is the bike thats exported to US UK Europe Japan Gulf, and has a big fan following around the world. It comes with Std Drum brakes but i would advise the Disc brake fitting which is provided by Royal Enfield as an option. To sum it up, If u love cruising and want to experience the real riding pleasure then the Royal Enfield 500cc is the one for u. Mileage wanters look elsewhere...


POSTED ON : 11/3/2004
REVIEW : I have a Bullet 500 since 1997 and the ride and feel of the bike is unique. The most important area that Enfield needs to work on is after sales support, and marketing. There are mechanics who work magic on the Bullet, and people with many a story on the 500. I feel that the company has failed miserably in tapping this large group of loyalists and making them feel good about the 500. Royal Enfield must learn lessons from Harley Davidson in this regard.


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