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Used car Documents

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Used car Documents Transferring Ownership
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Used Car Documents

It is very essential for you to have all the proper papers of the vehicle before you give its full payment. The papers of the vehicle are as or more important than the vehicle and you must be careful about receiving all the documents before making the payment. You might be led into buying a stolen vehicle because the “offer is too good to refuse”. DO NOT BUY THE VEHICLE UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT IT HAS A CLEAN RECORD. Please refer to this checklist before handing over your hard-earned money. The list is as follows:

Transfer of Ownership Documents

RTO tax receipt

The RTO tax is a once in a lifetime tax and should have been paid by the original owner of the car. If the owner of the car has not paid it, it can add up to double digits in thousands, which you will have to ultimately, bear.

Registration of the car

Check the state of registration mentioned in the papers. The state of registration mentioned in the books should be the state in which you plan

to use the car as according to the State rules, a driver is not allowed to drive a car that does not belong to that state. If the state of registration is different from the state that you plan to use the car, please ensure that the seller transfers the registration to the state that you plan to use the car in. Transferring the registration from one state to another is a cumbersome process and may cost money (particularly if entry is payable - normally applicable if the new car is transferred within 18 months to a different state). You must ensure that the seller gives you papers of the car with the registration of the vehicle in the correct state.


Insurance is the most important document for any car. Insist on the insurance papers, as these papers are mandatory for any transfer by the RTO. Premium for Insurance is paid on a regular basis and it is advisable to check the due date. Also, ensure transfer of the insurance papers to your name.

Road Tax

This tax is also a recurring one and even though the payable amount is a paltry sum, a large number of owners ignore or forget about it. Ensure that the seller gives you the papers for this tax, or clears all payments before he sells the car to you.


Do not forget to get the original invoice of the car from the original owner. You can know details like engine no., chassis no., date of delivery, delivery dealer and whether the car was financed or not.

Documents for a Used Car that was bought on finance

If you are planning to buy a used car that was bought on finance by the seller, remember to collect the following documents in addition to the above mentioned ones

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

From the finance company - see the original copy of this document and retain a photocopy. This document ensures that the finance company has no claim on the car anymore.

Form 35
You must keep a copy of this form, duly signed by the financier.

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